Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day of LOVE

I have to admit that I do love Valentines Day! I always have. Not because it is our Anniversary, but because it is just a fun day to spend showing some love to those around you.

For those of you who know there is a TAG going around that you have to list 25 random things about yourself.
So this year to show some love to my family I will list some things I absolutely LOVE about them...

  1. I love his smile and his little smile lines.
  2. I love the way he dances just for me!!!
  3. I love his made up songs....sometimes
  4. I love his sense of time ... (10 to 6 or 6 to 10)
  5. I love him letting me put my cold feet on him when we first get into bed.
  6. I love that he is from California and he wants to go back there!
  7. I love the way he kisses me!
  8. I love his family.
  9. I love that he has great genes and we make the cutest babies EVER!!!
  10. I love that he will watch "girly" movies with me and likes them...sometimes.
  11. I love how smart he is.
  12. I love the way he honors his Priesthood
  13. I love that he took me on the best first date.
  14. I love the way he smells, always GOOD!
  15. I love the way he reads stories to his kids.
  16. I love that he speaks Spanish.
  17. I love his back massages...hint...hint
  18. I love it when he dances with me.
  19. I love his obsession with locking things.
  20. I love how frugal he is, and his knowledge of finances (if not we would be in the poor house)
  21. I love how he loves to be fit.
  22. I love that he served a great mission and I love hearing all the stories.
  23. I love that I know he will take care of us NO matter what.
  24. I love it when he calls me cute names...
  25. I love his love for his family and the gospel.

There they are just a few of the things I love about my honey. Six years goes by too fast and I can't wait for many more to come. I love you honey!!! XOXOX
  1. I love how fearless she is
  2. I love her hugs
  3. I love it when she says she loves me!
  4. I love to dance with her!
  5. I love how observant of others feelings she is.
  6. I love her laugh
  7. I love it when she takes care of her brother
  8. I love her creativity and imagination
  9. I love her love for the gospel
  10. I love her sweet spirit and loving ways.
  1. I love how cuddly he is
  2. I love that he is a Mommas' boy
  3. I love that he is fearless
  4. I love it when he says "I wuv woo"
  5. I love how little he is
  6. I love that he loves his sister
  7. I love his round little belly
  8. I love his laugh
  9. I love that he sleeps with his hands behind his head
  10. I love that he knows who Jesus is when he sees his picture
I couldn't leave my two beautiful kids out. I am so blessed to be their Mom and I love them more than they will ever know!

Happy Valentines Day to all of YOU!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Omaha Trip

We took a trip to Omaha last weekend for a well over due trip to the Temple. While we were there we stayed at a really fun hotel with a perfect pool for the kids. And on Saturday it was 50 degrees so we headed over to the Omaha Zoo and had some more fun before we headed home. Landon loved the pool and we couldn't tear him away from the water. We had to watch him really close because he would just jump in the water with NO hesitation.

Our kids are definitely little fishes and will fit right in at both Grandparents houses with their pools...but I will have my hands full for sure!

We love this Zoo and had a great time in the nice warm weather. We are DEFINITELY ready for spring!