Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brooklyn's First Day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten here we come!

Brooklyn was so excited for school today. As she walked into school by her Aunt Sara's side, she was cool and confident. Her Aunt Sara who is a fifth grader at Brooklyn's school was more nervous than Brooklyn was.

We headed into Mrs. Hage's kindergarten classroom and Brooklyn hung up her backpack and then spotted her friend Sarah, (the girl she met yesterday) who was sitting down on the carpet waiting for her. Sarah smiled at Brooklyn and patted the ground next to her motioning for Brooklyn to come and sit by her.

I couldn't be happier that school has started and Brooklyn is making new friends. Since our move here and having to deal with all the transitions and also the goodbyes to Dad, Brooklyn has had a rough couple of months. We all need to keep busy so we don't miss Dad so much and with school starting and the baby coming we hope that will keep us occupied.

Landon and I got home from dropping Brooklyn off at school and didn't know what to do with ourselves. We played outside for a while and then I decided I better find something to do. If I wasn't having a baby in 5 weeks I would be looking for a job, I am so bored. Everything is ready for this little girl to come. I don't think there is anything else I can sew, or wash to get more ready for her. If I wasn't holding back I would have the car seat in the car already!!! I feel like I am going crazy with so much time on my hands. But that will sure change as soon as the baby comes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't forget to pray

Today was "Meet the Teacher" day at Brooklyn's school and she is more than ready to start tomorrow! She met lots of friends and is way excited for this new adventure.

There were lots of fun things to see in her new classroom but most importantly there was a play kitchen and food. Brooklyn headed straight over to the kitchen where there were three other kids playing. They played there the whole time while the parents got all the kindergarten information.
After a while Brooklyn and a couple of her new classmates had made their pretend food and were sitting down at the table to eat, BUT wait, you can't forget the prayer! Brooklyn then told all the kids sitting at the table to fold their arms and she was going to say a blessing on the food. As my Mom and I watched as Brooklyn said a prayer on the food we just laughed and smiled as all the kids (not one was LDS) bowed their head and folded their arms as Brooklyn said a long prayer on the pretend dinner they had made. I don't think any of the other parents saw what had happened they were all talking to the teacher, but as I watched Brooklyn I smiled a great big proud smile.

The great thing was that she was not afraid to be herself and second, none of the other children even thought twice to not pray, or thought it was weird.

These are the times in our lives as a parent that really make it all worth it.

Check back later for a post about Brooklyn's first day of school!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where is Dad?

Since we have moved out to California Christian has been busy doing his Podiatry clerk ships. He was in Santa Clara for the month of June. Then in Oakland/San Francisco for the month of July. We were lucky enough to see him every weekend while he was at these programs but now he is all the way on the opposite side of the U.S., in Allentown Pennsylvania. He had to drive this long trek of 43 hours from California to Pennsylvania. With lots of nervous calls from me, books on CD and some nasty junk food he was able to stay awake and make the trip in 4 days.

This is where Christian is living
These are Christian's shoes lined up in the hallway to show how skinny the halway is. Good thing my pregnant self isn't living there, we would have to make it a "NO Passing" zone.

This is his room, where he tries to spend the LEAST amount of time.

This is where we talk to Christian on the Web Cam.

And this is his Living Room, and roommate. Good thing he has cable!

Oh and don't forget these roommates too!!! YUCK!

thanks for the graphic picture...

Here is at picture of the Hospital where Christian is working at.

We sure do miss you Dad. We are so proud of you and hope you are learning how to be a good foot Doctor. Keep eating that good food!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Half Moon Bay and San Fransico

For our last hurrah with Dad we decided to spend the weekend in Half Moon Bay. On Saturday (my Birthday) we went to San Francisco and walked around Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. The kids loved seeing the ocean, but most of all loved the sea lions and sea gulls!
The sea lions were very stinky (as you can see from Brooklyn's face)
Half Moon Bay is a cute little town about 25 minutes from San Francisco. There are tons of beaches right there and the view was amazing! The weather was great and we all had a wonderful time. Our hotel was right by the beach in Half Moon Bay and after our trip we might just quit school and move there to be beach bums...

Actually while walking down Main Street in Half Moon Bay we came across Christian's future office...

While in Half Moon Bay Landon found a girlfriend! She happened to be waiting for him right outside a little shop on main street. Or maybe he just thought she looked a lot like his Mom!


Every one's favorite part of the trip was playing at the beach! The kids played for hours and the only way we could get them to go back to the hotel was to promise to come back in the morning.

Brooklyn spent the whole time collecting sea shells. Which are washed and in the backyard on display. As for Landon it took him a while to get used to the water. He was a little afraid of the waves and didn't like the fact that the water kept coming after him.

We would walk with him up to the water and as soon as a wave came in he would run away and yell "the water is coming, the water is coming!"

After a while Landon was brave enough to go in the water, and then we couldn't get him out of it. Dad was definitely a big kid. He chased the kids with seaweed and had fun burying Brooklyn in the sand.

It was a great trip and we plan on taking another one to celebrate Dad's return in February.