Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blakes Apple Orchard

Family Time

Our Saturday with Dad was just what the doctor ordered!!!

We headed to one of the many apple orchards out here in Michigan and spent a short time walking around the place and waiting to see if we wanted to spend the money to let the kids do the activities or if it was going to rain.(I think this is the worst family picture ever!)
Brooklyn and Landon look like they are not part of the family. Especially with Landon's happy face. Claire has a nice stink face and Mom and Dad are the only one's smiling.

Claire has started walking and she is very fast on those little legs. But Oh so cute!!!

Mom and Brooklyn being silly.
I am glad she is so outgoing and not afraid to be silly.

More proof that Brooklyn is not shy. She posed and told me to take a picture of her.
Then posed again for another shot!

Climb aboard the Apple Express

Claire by the HUGE scary straw man.

We decided to get some delicious apple cinnamon doughnuts and cider instead! Much cheaper and tastier. OH and right when we were done eating it started to rain. (good call MOM)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Claire's 1st Birthday

What a huge milestone as a Mom . . . Your baby turns 1!
It seems like with each kid they grow up faster and faster. It seems just like yesterday that we were living in California while Christian was in Michigan and anticipating his arrival so I could have this baby girl. Then just in time she came to this world and brought more joy to our lives than we could all imagine. Little Claire bear has been the best baby! She was a great eater, sleeper and she is always happy. Claire may be the busiest of all my kids but at least she is happy doing all she is doing. As our "speed" crawler she likes to keep up with the big kids. But now that she has started to walk I know she will try to run instead.

Brooklyn and Landon made a Happy Birthday sign for Claire.

Her homemade cake was made.
I couldn't resist making her a bear cake...I just had to.

Our little princess waiting for her song and cake.

She couldn't wait to dig into that delicious chocolaty bear.

Just doing a little taste testing.

Claire did not waste any time getting to business.

This cake stuff is serious business, but...

It is always nice to share with your sister!!!

Brookie? Do you want a taste?
How about just a KISS

As I sit here in a quiet house while all my devil's; I mean angels are sleeping I can't help but count my blessings. The days are long, the hours are endless, the pay is non-existent. But nevertheless the blessings are countless!
*The smile on your child's face to see you when you pick them up from school.
*Or the happy girl that wakes you every morning with a sweet little baby kiss.
*My little man that likes to rock out to the radio with me and have a dance party.
*A ever so giving and loving daughter that is so strong and is always there to help me out.

My list could go on. The Lord has blessed me with three amazing children that I get to enjoy and make my world a better place. There is no where I would rather be than holding those sweet babies in my arms when they call me Mommy. . .

Thank you

Brooklyn, Landon and Claire XOXO

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

After a long fun day at the Schumacher wedding we headed back up to Thanksgiving Point on Friday for a Tolboe family luncheon.

What more could you ask for from these faces?

The band and back-up dancers were rehearsing; waiting for the show to start.

The show was spectacular...
If you are lucky you get Kelly to write and sing you a song for your birthday. Well, for Grandpa Cummings 80th birthday she wrote a song to "puttin on the ritz". And Brooklyn, Ella and Logan were her back up.

Everyone enjoyed the performance.After the luncheon we headed to the Thanksgiving Point farm.

There were little chicks
.Some crazy little cows.

And one Big Papa Bull

Next was the pony rides.

Claire loved every minute of it. She wanted to stick her finger up their nose. And even though she was on the biggest horse there she was the most excited to ride.

Landon was a pro and rode all by himself. His horse was the "manliness" of them all!!!
(if you know what I mean?)

Looking like the stud we all know and love.

Brooklyn is 10% cowgirl and 90% princess, but we hope the cowgirl comes out more as she grows up. I don't know any other girl (that lives in the city) that has ridden a horse more than her. She loves it.

After our fun day at Thanksgiving Point on Friday we headed up to Smithfield, Utah for Logan's Baptism on Saturday. Our fun family weekend flew by way too fast and we miss our family so much. Thanks for everything!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of Preschool-Landon

Does this look like a proud boy to you?
Landon was so excited to go to preschool today. We layed out his clothes the night before like Brooklyn does and when he woke up he got dressed all by himself. I then found him putting his favorite dog and blanket in his backpack.

My little G-Q man all grown up and ready to break some hearts. Especially mine

Mrs. Simasko putting on Landon's name tag.
She is the sweetest teacher I have ever met. Perfect for preschool.

One proud boy. This is where I pretty much lost it! Seeing those big eyes smiling at me made me the happiest Mom in the whole school.

Landon, you will always be my sweet baby boy, don't ever forget that.

Giving his sister a hug goodbye

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jenna and Dmitri's Wedding

Congratulations Aunt Jenna and Uncle Dmitri
Married in the LDS Mt. Timpanogos Temple
September 2nd 2010

What a fun and adorable couple! We all had a great weekend. It was wonderful to see family, we really miss you all.

The Tolboe Family (well some of them...sorry Kelly I didn't know your family got cut off)

Me and my cute baby girl! It was nice to get all dressed up and feel pretty.

All three granddaughters in their very cute dresses

We love you guys