Thursday, August 25, 2011


Christian had to present at the Podiatry school in Chicago, so we decided to tag a long with him. After he presented on Friday we headed to Legoland Discovery Center. A really cool place filled with LOTS of Legos, rides, games and movies.

City of Chicago made out of legos.



Our little lions

Cute little lion

After a fun day at Lego Discovery Center we headed to our new hotel downtown. (we stayed in North Chicago the first night) We headed to the famous Giordanos pizza place for some stuffed crust pizza.

SHH don't tell anyone I didn't like it.

Saturday was a long fun day spent at the Shedd Aquarium. There was so much to see and do we were there ALL Day!

They do actually love eachother

Click on image to enlarge

The View of the City from the Willis Tower.
(formerly known as the Sear's Tower)

Our Family standing on the Sky Deck

That's a long way down... 110 stories down.

Then on the way home we were in traffic for 2 hours!

This is what I think about Chicago traffic....YUCK!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

California Dreamin'

You can't go to California without going to the beach! So that is what we did our first weekend there! We hit Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! The water was freezing, but the kids had fun in the soft sand and warm sun.

Sara and Brooklyn, the beach babes.

What a good Uncle!

We had a visit from the sweetest dog ever, Mylee. She just sat there and let the kids pet her,as she drooled all over them.

Our next trip was to Jamestown, CA. It is an old rail town where a lot of movies were filmed. Like, "Back to the Future III" and much more.

They dressed up in pioneer clothes...I told them not to smile. They were really having fun, I promise :)

After Christian flew in the real fun could begin...

We went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Which is a Sea World and Six Flags put together.

Yes there is MORE...

You can't have summer without some WATER SKIING!!! I got right up (of course) without skiing in 6 years.

pictures coming soon...

We celebrated my amazing and very handsome brothers.
Ryan received his Eagle

And Sean went through the Temple to prepare for his mission. He will be serving in the Raleigh, North Carolina mission (Spanish speaking)

right: Ben Walker -called to South Carolina
left: Sean Burnham-Called to North Carolina

We had such a great time in California BUTT

we had to come home...
This is how I found Claire one day just happy as can be playing the piano and singing along.

That is the END of our very busy but very fun California Vacation.
Miss you everyone!!!