Friday, November 18, 2011

Harvest Party

Landon's preschool class had a little Harvest Party and they sang the cutest songs!

I am an Acorn

Turkey Goes...


Little Turkey


Landon with his teachers
Mrs. C.J

Mrs. Diane

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flower of the Month

For my Birthday (in July) Christian got me a gift from the local garden center, a Flower of the Month club card. I get to go and get a bouquet or plant each month! Fresh flowers every month, what more could I ask for. I love flowers and plants. Here are the last 2 months of flowers.


December is a poinsettia plant or a bouquet of your choice. Can't wait!

Love my gift, I would love this every year...hint, hint.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Day 2011

Halloween Day started early, getting Brooklyn ready for her school Halloween Parade and party! I think I had more fun dressing her up than she did! She was so excited to go to school and show her friends her hair! I was pretty proud of my inventive handy work!

(there is a cup in her hair)

Our Bride of Frankenstein

Every year Brooklyn's school has a costume parade around the block of the school. This year we waited inside to see her.

Brooklyn and Claire having some pizza at her school party

Look Mom I ate the candy all gone...

Then after some rest and dinner we got dressed up again and headed out for some Trick-or-Treating.
I love Claire's face in this picture.

Everyone ready to get some CANDY

Happy Halloween