Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mall of America

A quick trip to the Mall of America was our last hurrah before Dad had to go back to school. We headed out at 8am and spent all day; we didn't get home until 2am!!! The kids were great and we all had a blast!

Landon loved to ride the rides and couldn't get enough.

Brooklyn lives for the thrill of the roller coaster and was laughing so hard sometimes her face was red and she was out breath!!!
The kids got their face painted and our little tiger was the hit of the night! He was growling at everyone and they would growel back, it was so cute!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to US!!!

Santa came last night and it seems like the Tolboe kids were extra good this year!!!

Landon got a train table with the works, and was in pure bliss all day! He didn't even want to come eat, just play trains.

Brooklyn got a vanity from Santa... just what she needs, more things to help her be more vain. Well, she loved it and was primping all day. She also got more dress up clothes and lots of pink girly stuff!!!
Brooklyn also got a really cool doll house from Nanna that makes even Mom a little jealous. Thanks Nanna, we love you !!!

After every present Brooklyn would run to us and give us the biggest hug to say thank you!
It was so cute, what a sweetheart.

Christian got his Garmin, shirts for clinic and some memory cards. And I got a memory card for my camera, some very nice Tupperware (YES) and a MP3 use when I workout
(I think I get the hint honey)
We all had a great Christmas and loved being together! Thanks to all the presents we got in the mail from family, we appreciate every one!

Much Love,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards

Our Christmas Cards are coming to all of you after Christmas this year, so here is a preview of what you will get.
I hope you are enjoying time off from school and or work and making memories with your loved ones. We wish we could see some of you this year but hope to see you soon!

Much love and joy,
The Tolboe Family
Christian, Jennilyn, Brooklyn and Landon

Gingerbread houses

Our Gingerbread houses are really gram cracker houses but who really eats their gingerbread house anyway???

Landon had to taste everything to make sure it was good enough to put on his house.

This is serious house making going on here...

Many fun Christmas memories.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Super Christmas Saturday!

Santa was a great way to start off our Super Christmas Saturday, well at least for Brooklyn it was. Like any other normal child Landon was scared out of his mind to sit on some man's lap just to get a toy. We will sure miss "this" Santa when we leave Iowa... isn't he so cute! He watches us from the the stand every Sunday. (he is a member of our bishopric)

After breakfast with Santa we headed home for some naps until we had to be at Brooklyn's preschool Christmas concert.

After Brooklyn sang Landon had to get his 15 min of fame as well.
What a stud muffin

Then after a nice meal at our ward party we left a little early to decorate our Christmas tree.
I would hand Landon an ornament and he would literally throw it on the tree...such a boy.
Brooklyn on the other hand was very particular to decide where each one would go.

Nice cheese face dude.

Just a couple of crazy kids