Friday, September 23, 2011

Claire's 2nd Birthday

As some of you know, Claire loves Minnie Mouse. So, from a little help from my awesome cake decorator friend I was able to pull this baby off. Claire loved it and wanted to eat her right away. She kept asking me if she could lick the cake. I think she stole about 10 licks all over the cake by the time we cut into it.

Patiently waiting for skype to get set up so we could share this day with family.

Claire was so excited when we started singing to her she was squealing and clapping her hands!

What a cute face!

"hmm let me do I get this thing blown out?"

Landon and Brooklyn were helping

Have at it little girl!

Happy Birthday Claire, you are so loved and adored by all.

*Claire can say most any word, Brooklyn and Landon make her say anything and everything. They especially like making her say fort...because it sounds like FART.
* Her favorite foods are fruit, yogurt, goldfish, pretzels, carrot
s, broccoli (she thinks cauliflower looks like ice cream), and her favorite Chocolate Milk.
*Claire cries every day we drop Landon off at Preschool
*She LOVES books, when it is quiet and I can't find C
laire she will be in a room reading books to herself. When she tells a story or pretends to read she smacks her lips so matter of fact. I have been trying to catch it on camera but haven't yet.
*Claire thinks she is 5 and will try to do everything that her older sibling do. When we go to the park parents are always looking at me when they see Claire climbing on the jungle gym or going down
the highest slide. They say, "is she OK" Yeah, yeah I know she is a dare-devil.

I could go on about this adorable little girl, she is so loving and my little cuddle bug.

Now a little trip down memory lane...

Newborn baby Claire

1 year old

Happy Birthday Baby

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Claire's photo shoot

The morning of Claire's birthday I was feeling so overwhelmed and really sad that my baby was already 2! She is growing and changing everyday, I feel like I need to just put video cameras all over so I can just capture every sweet memory that my kids make so I can remember them forever!

Here are some of my favorite shots

Priceless... Landon is such a sweet big brother

I love the scrunch in her nose

Saved the best for last

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Blue Dolphins

I am officially a soccer Mom!!!
Brooklyn had her first soccer game on Saturday and we all had a blast!

It looks like Brooklyn is going to sit on the ball in this picture, but she is just stopping for a pass. With this pass she took the ball all the way down to almost score a goal.

Coming in at half time for some water and high fives.

With the ball again heading to the goal.
We are so proud of our little or should I say BIG soccer player. Brooklyn is the tallest on her team!
Man I love my job!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I can't believe I have a 2nd grader!
Brooklyn looked so grown up as she posed for her first day of school pics.

Align Center
I let her pick out her clothes for the first day and when I saw her come out in her ever so cute outfit I was so proud :)

Brooklyn and Paige

My little Man Landon was excited to start Preschool...up until the part where he had to say goodbye to Mom. :(
He held on to me so tight, his teacher had to pull him away from me as he was crying. Then Claire started crying.

Thankfully he was all smiles when I picked him up.
Nothing a little M&M's wont fix


Here is our beautiful lush garden.
That I planted by MYSELF, and weed by MYSELF.
I did have some help with the watering.
Out of this large, green garden we have had not one single vegetable grow!
The STUPID animals around our yard keep eating all of them.

I put up a fence and this is all I have found since. I hope they grow fast before winter comes.

I was so excited when I saw these, but then the next day I saw a squirrel digging in the pot and they were gone.
Stupid animals

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Out on the Boat

So I was going to put all these pictures on the California trip post, but there was just too many.

Water Ski Trip

I was so happy that I got up the first try after not skiing for 5 years.
My legs were so sore the next day though...

The look on Brooklyn's face is priceless. She lost Grandma on one of the big waves!

Yeah! Go Brookie and Ryan

Look Mom, no hands!
Claire was so brave and even after swallowing half the lake she still wanted to go again!

Landon and Ryan

Landon trying to stand up

Claire's wind blown hair.
She's helping bring in the boat after a long day on the lake.
Great trip!