Friday, October 31, 2008

18 months and no slowing down

I am 18 months old and I am ALL BOY!

Some words I can say are:Mamma, Dad, Ba (brooklyn), Ball, Bubble, NO ( mom loves that one).
I can also say Hi and Bye and Dog. I make a weird sound for blanket and the same for candy, but Mom and Dad know what I mean???
I call every girl or friend of Brooklyn's LaLa and any other "girly" object.

I love: Trucks or anything Big and moving, and Balls and animals (especially monkey's when Mom makes her monkey sound)
I love to take a bath and sometimes climb in the tub when there is no water just to play in there while Mom does sister's hair.
I love broccoli and would eat it every day if Mom let me.
I love my Dad and get so excited every time he walks through the door.

I can: Eat with a spoon and fork and will refuse to eat with my hands, unless it is chicken nuggets.
I can throw a mean fast ball (with my left hand just like Grandpa Burnham!)
I can drive Brooklyn's viper, well just push the pedal and Dad helps me steer.
I can fold my arms when it is prayer time and I am learning how to keep my eyes closed.
I can dance and booggie in the car when Mom pumps up the music!

I know where my belly is and like to show it to the girls!!!
I know that when Mom's cell phone rings it is usually Dad and I try to run and get the phone before Mom does...HAHA

I am a little short and round but that is OK, hopefully I will grow a little taller so Dad won't worry so much.

I love to cuddle and get lots of loves from my family, but most of all I love to be ME!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2008

For those of you who do not watch the Fox Show,
"So You Think You Can Dance", you are missing OUT.
I love this show and Christian wont admit it but he loves it too!!!
When we heard that they were coming to Minnesota we jumped on those tickets so fast!they wouldn't allow me to take my big camera in so our pictures aren't as great as they could be...

We had a great time. My Mom was here to watch the kids so we could make a weekend out of it and spend some time away from the kids. The show was amazing. They performed some of the most popular dances from the show and also some new ones. It was so fun to see each dancer so close, I just wanted to jump up on the stage with them. The guys were even sexier in person and I have to say even the girls too.
Especially Kherington (right Honey...wink..wink)

The show was great and I am glad we got to go, Thanks MOM!

Our Last Visit to Howell's

It was so sad to think that this was our last visit to Howell's. We have gone all three years that we have been in Iowa. In 2006 Brooklyn was just 2 years old, and Dad was so busy with school. We were so excited to have Christian go with us this year, and Nanna was here too!!!

(click to enlarge)

The rabbits were so cute and this one was HUGE! Landon loved it and Brooklyn now wants a pet rabbit.

We loved having my Mom here and the kids loved playing with Nanna.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mystery Party

Last weekend we attended a Murder Mystery Party put on by our friends the Janke's. It was so much fun and really funny. I was the town hair stylist "Kara Tin", and Christian was the Chief of police "C.R. Badges". When Christian arrived people didn't even know who he was. I have to say he was hilarious, but kinda creepy.

Everyone did a great job playing their part and getting into character. This was something we would defiantly want to do again, especially when we have more time and money.

Thanks Joe and Jennifer for an awesome night!!!

if you can't tell Christian is the one in the back with the white shirt and mustache...

in case you are visually impaired, click on picture to enlarge.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yearbook Photos

A friend of mine did this on her Blog and I thought it was hilarious!
This is Christian and I through 1950-1980
Do it for yourself HERE

Proposition 8 in California

My sister was in a question and answer pannel with Elder Bednar talking about the same sex marriage proposition in California. Check it out.
(She is the first girl)

Monday, October 6, 2008

A trip to the Apple Orchard and Camping

We went to the Center Grove Apple Orchard and had a great time!
There were Wagon Rides, Animals to feed, a Corn Maze and even the Three Little Pig's houses!
But our favorite was the Corn Pool!

I bet you are wondering what a corn pool is? Well, it is like a sandbox but filled with feed corn. There were slides for the kids to slide down into the corn. Only someone from Iowa would appreciate this...

In the corn maze Brooklyn and Dad raced ahead and made it to the end but Landon and I gave up and waited at the beginning for them.
They sold the yummiest apple cider doughnuts which was my favorite part of the trip, of course.
(I love doughnuts!!!)

These are the kinds of things I am going to miss about Iowa

Brooklyn's favorite part was picking her own apple!

On Sunday we took a quick trip up to the Church campground by Ledges State park. It was beautiful and so peaceful. The kids played, got dirty and best of all really tired...