Sunday, March 13, 2011

Warming up

At the slightest rise in the mercury my kids will beg to go outside and play.

Landon showing off his bike riding skills.

All WORK no PLAY...

The way I took this picture it looks like Claire is climbing uphill.
"What guys? Just doing some spring cleaning."

I better be getting paid a lot for this one.

Claire loves to be outside and feel like she is a big kid :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

OH YES, He's 30!

Christian's surprise party

This amazing man has made it to 30 years old.

There is a lot he has accomplished in these wonderful 30 years...

We will start in 2003...that is when he did the smartest thing ever and married the hottest girl EVER!

Next in 2004 he became a father to a beautiful baby girl and it just got better with each kid! He is great Dad to three awesome kids, that absolutely adore him and think he is the funniest guy.
Every time they hear the garage open they run to the door... Claire is the first one there..

He graduated from BYU and then off to Medical school without skipping a beat. He has always been very driven and goal oriented.

After 4 grueling years in Iowa at Podiatry school and 2 kids later he convinced us to go to Michigan for 3 years.
Each time he comes home in his scrubs, or has to answer the phone "Dr. Tolboe," he just gets hotter and hotter.

He may think that he is just doing his job, but if his family or the little old ladies at the clinic have anything to say about it, we say he is awesome.
And very good looking!!!Clarie was wanting to see the cake but as soon as Christian picked her up she started crying...probably the site of the the fire! haha

We love you Dad. Happy Birthday
I am glad you are getting older and it's not me...

I emailed Christian's family and asked for some cute stories...memories or anything they wanted to tell about Christian on his birthday. Here are some cute stories and thoughts from his Mom and sisters:

When he had just started to play soccer he was playing goalie and the ball was coming toward his goal. Everyone was shouting at him to get ready because he had his head down. They were all running toward him and he looked up and pointed to the ground at a gopher he was watching! Also, a friend on his team got kicked and it kinda hurt him so Buddy turned on the player who had accidentally kicked him and chased him all over the field with his fist in the air because he had kicked his friend.

Buddy was fascinated with fire. Whenever we went to a ward camp out he would beg to sleep by the fire. He would poke at it with sticks all night. When he would go on camp outs with his dad an on our ward camp outs I would always make him wear old clothes because he always came home with little burnt holes in his shirts from getting too close to the fire and poking sticks in it making the sparks fly. Whenever we had our 4th of July Fireworks he always had to be in on the lighting part of it. He was ALWAYS right there, and way too close. His dream job was to be a pyrotechnologist at Disneyland.I used to tease him about being a pyro maniac. For years he always thought he had to carry a lighter around.

When Buddy was 12 he went to work for a man we know named Larry. Larry was building a house by himself that ended up taking 17 years. He had Buddy get up in the tight areas and do the wiring for him. He would also have him mow his pastures and work on his corvette with him. Buddy had a love/hate relationship with this job and with Larry. It was hard work and he had to get up at 5:00 in the morning. He would come home covered in dirt...COMPLETELY covered. But he learned valuable lessons at that job. I think he was there until he was 16. Larry had dogs that Buddy loved. He always wanted a dob but didn't ever have one because his dad is allergic to them. Buddy had a way with animals. When we would be out where there were ducks to feed he would get the ducks to come up so close to him that he would pick them up.

He used to love to watch the surgery channel. He just thought it was so cool. From a really young age he either wanted to be a pryo guy or a surgeon. One day he was at his dad's office and I don't know how it happened exactly but a lady in one of the treatment rooms saw him and got him to talk to her. A few minutes later she had talked him into massaging her FEET! I don't know who would ask a little boy to do that or why, or why he did it but I'm sure it was just because he was trying to be nice and helpful to her.

Buddy joined ballroom dancing because some girls asked him to. Then the drama coach at the high school got wind of it and asked him to be in a play. Then the dance teacher at the high school found out he danced and she wanted some boys in her dance class so she asked him and he told his friend he would if he would so they both did. Then his dance teacher told me that she can't keep him from talking and acting goofy in class. I told her..."What do you expect! He is 17 and in a room with a bunch of have naked girls!!!" He was his sisters partner in her senior dance production performance and I think they both had tears in their eyes on the night of the final performance.

Buddy had a job in high school and during his first year of college at the Modesto Court Room. He loved to play raquet ball and really got good at it. Men would come to the club early in the morning and talk Buddy into leaving his desk and playing a game with them. When we were out for dinner, at the mall, doing many people would walk by us and say" Hey, Buddy!" Everyone knew him. He was just such a fun kid and all the people loved him. Buddy had the coolest pager. I could go online and type him messages when he was in school and then he would know his work schedule etc. He ALWAYS had in his pocket, his pager, gum, soft lips lip balm and a lighter. He came home from school almost every day and cooked up 6 corn dogs before he went to work....or who knows how many bagel bites. And he loved Jones Soda and tried all the flavors. He had his own little fridge in his room that his nice mom would keep stocked. Ü

Buddy was always so sweet and tender to me. He would come out and take the groceries in for me without me asking and always had a hug for me and was never embarrassed of me in front of his friends. He would hold my hand in public and we would dance together in the family room. We would talk about lots and lots of things. He was my only boy and the best I could have.

From Jenna:
I remember all the trips we went on over the summer and tagging along with bud-- and how miserable i was without him when he went on the mission. on all our trips it always seems that he had some kind of interaction with an animal. it was either a squirrel stealing his tootsie roll pop, fake ducks in the lake, or seeing if he could pick up an animal by luring it with food. He teased me alot but i always that he was the coolest big brother. My friends all got older and eventually realized he was attractive -- it was hard to get their attention after that. But he always thought of things that were "so cool". And my favorite were times we spent together that made me feel like he loved me or trusted me. Bud loved to try new things -- the boy thing to do-- and i loved watching him! He'd light things on fire (telling me never to tell mom and dad what he did -- it was only a few years ago that i found out that one of those things was gasoline), jump into the pool off the arbors, stay in the ocean with me for hours on a surf board (which gave me the worst sunburn in my life but it was only his second worst ;) ), make movies, and that one time when he thought someone broke into our house and nearly killed Kelly in an effort to protect me.

My brother is the best! I drove him crazy with how much I'd follow him around and there were plenty of times when he would challenge me to wrestle (he'd have to stay on his knees) and somehow i'd always end up hurt! But he was a trooper! My best friend and my hero cause i always looked at him like he could do anything! i still believe that :) but in a more realistic sense. Life was the best when we were kids -- now that we dont get to see each other nearly as much! But when he came back from the mission -- after my mom introduced us -- he was ready to protect me from all the guys and for the first time in his life! asked me how to ask the girl out that would eventually be his wife! Happy birthday bud! I love you! You're the sibling that i have the most memories with so hopefully we won't live far from each other forever. You're the best brother EVER!


From Kelly:

1.In high school, it took Bud longer to do his hair than me to do mine.
2.On the way to school, we would belt out singing Celine Dion's " It's all coming back to me now" together. He never wanted me to tell anyone, but I think it's about time the truth came out! HAHA!
3. He was in a homemade movie that ended up being shown in the state theater called Jacque Formage.
4. He got so mad at me once for not getting off the phone with a boyfriend that he kicked a hole in his bedroom door that is still there today. He was probably in 7th grade at the time.
5. Great ballroom dancer

From Erin:
We used to make him play Barbies (he was Ken, of course) and we used to put bows etc... in his hair.

He had one of those "My Buddy" dolls(o: He also got a Cabbage Patch Kid when we got ours and named him "Tom". He went through a phase where he named everything "Tom" (goldfish etc...)

He got really mad at me and Kelly one time when we were young and called us "bellybutton head" as an insult. I told my boys this recently and they think it's absolutely HILARIOUS!!

He got these super cheap and ugly "gold" chains from the prize bucket thing in 3rd grade and then wore them for his school picture. I thought it was the most annoying thing ever! Unfortunately, I thought everything he did back then was annoying. Now that I have my own boys I think the stuff he did was kind of cute and funny.

He has always been a pyromaniac and always had candles and incense burning in his room. He would always be next to the fire on ward camp outs and come home with holes in his shirt.

I'm sure you know about the movies him and his friends used to film at the house and about the time he broke Cort's nose. You know about his temper and the hole he put in his bedroom door (my mom insisted that he use his own money to buy a new one but it's still there to this day). He showered more times a day and went through more clothes and towels than any of us girls.