Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break in Utah

Our long drive to Utah turned out to be a GREAT trip! The kids were great and surprisingly no one got sick. We got to see everyone we wanted to see and lots of reminiscing was "scheduled!"

We left Friday afternoon and took two days to get there, arriving on Saturday the 15th around 4:30pm. We didn't get any bad weather , but the kids were sure well rested. So we sent them out to play in Grandma and Grandpa Greats big back yard. Brianne, my sister who is going to LDSBC came up to see us and we met her new boyfriend... ohhhh

Sunday we were a little naughty and ditched church to go see temple square. Brooklyn loved it and really was in awe at the thing to see. That really impressed Christian and I that she has a true love for those things. Yeah!!! All that teaching is paying off.

Here are some pictures of the visitor's center in SLC.

Their love for the Savior starts here...

And it starts to snow...

Sunday night we headed over to Cathy's (Nana's) house in the mountains. We had to park our car and 4-wheel into her house. That was an adventure for sure, but the kids loved it.

Monday we went to an awesome equestrian park owned by a Kind and Generous lady who let us ride her horses.

Tuesday we went to SLC to get our hair cut from our favorite Hairdresser that we sure have missed out here in Iowa! Thanks Lauren!

Wednesday the Tolboe's headed off to our next destination but first stopping off in Provo to visit Jenni's old work UVRMC (Utah Valley Regional Medical Center) and Christian's beloved Wilkinson Center. We also couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some CAFE RIO!!!
We spent the night in Centerville again at Grandma Great's before we headed to Smithfield to see Kelly (Christian's sister).
***My Grandma and Grandpa Burnham's house is like my second home because I lived there (so did Christian) while I was going to school at Weber State.

So we arrived at the Cromwell's house Thursday
afternoon and had a blast all weekend! Thanks to Kelly who was a wonderful hostess and took care of us poor students.

Friday Erin and James and the boys got to Kelly's and we we
nt to Cashe Valley Fun Park and let the kids play and then bowled. That night the kids died Easter eggs and set them out for the Easter bunny.

P.S. You can click on the scrapbook pages to view them closer...

we celebrated Easter a little early and had our own little egg hunt before we left!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Christian

Christian Rand Tolboe born March 12, 1981 .
I couldn't get any baby pictures of this cute little man but here are some my Mother-in -Law could round up. (thanks Patrice)

In case you didn't know here is a little info on the Birthday boy. Happy Birthday honey I love you.

Name: Christian aka Hot Stuff-his name growing up was Buddy...long story I will have to tell that story later.

Age: 27 and counting

Favorite color: for a car - charcoal or silver

Favorite season: spring - no longer snowed in and too early to be hot.

Favorite food: anything w/ bacon

Favorite snack: Pringles or Nature peanut granola bars

Favorite beverage: Water. I absolutely love it! Just as Jenni. It is actually Jones Soda, he hates water...

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it? I'd buy a house, a couple suits, buy Jenni some jewelry and invest the rest.

5 years ago you were: 22 and barely married. No kids. Just about to enter spring term at BYU and dreading the Organic Chemistry course I had just signed up for.

5 years from now you will be: Almost done with Residency!!!! Show me the money!

Hobbies: Studying........ that counts, right? If not, I like golf - even though I'm no good at it.

Favorite memory: When Jenni told me she loved me. I was getting ready to leave after one of my weekend visits to Centerville, where she lived. Not wanting to leave, I rolled down my window to say goodbye just one last time. I was joking about something and Jenni's response was: "Well I love you." We sat awkwardly for a second and she finally said "Yeah, ... I do. I really do love you." So, basically I had to trick her into saying it, and it worked.

Favorite book: McGlamry's Comprehensive Textbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Can't said I've read it yet, but I would hate to have spent $400 on a book that I didn't absolutely love. It'll be a special kind of love, I'm sure.
Favorite movie: The Bourne Ultimatum Series. I'm also a Harry Potter movie fan. (It's the nerd in me.)

If you could meet anyone in the world – past or present - who would it be: Too many people, such little space on the page.

If you could be a tree what kind would you be? Banzai. I don't want to live outside in the cold or heat, and I like being waited on.

How do you feel about turning 27? I know it's not 30, but I'm starting to feel pretty stinkin' old, but not so wise.

Share your wisdom, older one: HA! Funny I just said that I don't feel very wise. Save your money, try to find a wife as awesome and HOT as mine, and think before you speak.

Dream vehicle: My favorite care that I've ever driven was a Jaguar XRR. Google it and tell me you don't think it's nice.

Favorite day of the week: Saturdays - I get to sleep in, sometimes till 7:30 or 8!

Something you use every day: My laptop. It gets me through med school.

Why do you want to be a podiatrist? Because gas gangrene smells like petunias.

Favorite band (s): Name a genre and maybe I could narrow it down. I'm too well rounded ;-)

Dream vacation: A cruise to the Bahamas with a week-long port at a private island with white sandy beaches, scuba tours in shark free water and every afternoon spent in the spa with Jenni.

Greatest Accomplishment: Learning how to get the Argentine people to "understand the words that [were] coming out of my mouth." -Rush Hour, another good movie.

What's the worst thing about turning 27: I have three exams this week.

What's great about turning 27: I'm not 30 yet!

*What profession would you not like to do? A custodian - been there, done that.

*What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I used to think I knew.

*What sound or noise do you love? When Brooklyn says, "I love you Daddy," and Landon's laugh; the belly achin' kind.

*What turns you off? "Honey, not tonight"

*What is your least favorite word? Anything that starts with an "R" in Spanish. I have issues with the tongue roll.

*How do you feel you are most contributing to the world?
By NOT voting for Hillary Clinton.

*What drives you? Goals and achieving them.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Double bacon barbecue butter burger w/ cheese and Onion Rings w/ a concrete mixer from Culvers.

*What do you love most about your spouse? She is the most selfless wife and mother I have ever known and she's always quick to forgive (but slow to forget).

*What makes you special? My mom loves me.

*Favorite food indulgence? Same as my guilty pleasure.

*Snow or sun?
Sun? What's the sun? All I ever see are fluorescent lights in the library and cloudy skies outside the window.

*Talents? I'm a ping pong spinning ninja, and I do a pretty good hip roll when you start bumpin' Nelly Furtado on the stereo. You should also check out my moves when you turn on JT. (Justin Timberlake for you old folk.)

*Favorite time of day? 6 pm - time to go home from school!

*At 7:00 pm on a Thursday you are? In the middle of a 4 hour lecture for my health care law and ethics class w/ Denise Hill.

*Song that describes you? "Pretty fly for a white guy" -Offspring

*Worst habit? I'm a popper; I pop my neck, knuckles, wrist, back, ankle, toes, knee, shoulder, and I've learned some new ones from my osteopathic friends.

*What makes you unique?
I've go curly hair that doesn't know how to be tamed.

*Life would be more simple if.... If I had the answer to that, life WOULD be simple.

*Describe your style? Honey, I'm still stuck in the 90's. If it wasn't for Jenni, I'd probably still be wearing my pleated Silvertabs.

*What makes you laugh? Depends on how tired I am. The more tired I am, the funnier things seem to be.

*What is the craziest thing you have ever done? I blew fire balls in my kitchen, jumped onto a moving train, and confronted an armed and drugged Argentine "vato."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lost or Stolen Phone

OK, so a trip to the Mall for play group ended with a lost or stolen phone. It could just be lost but I have a BIG feeling that it was stolen out of my stroller; yes in Iowa of all places. I have reported it and done all the work to take care of it, so just so all of you know I don't have a cell phone, for now at least. I hope I find it because I feel LOST without it, especially since every one's phone number is in there. So if you need to get a hold of me just call me at home ... SORRY