Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2 weeks old

 It is amazing how much a baby changes just in 2 weeks. Adalyn is very alert and starting to get on a more consistent schedule. I love this time with my babies as they begin to take in their surroundings, and get a personality. While Claire naps I soak up the time with my sweet Adi. Knowing that this is my last baby I have been careful to make time for my baby and not rush. Taking in that sweet smell of a baby, and the comfort of having a baby fall asleep on your chest and just sit there... doing NOTHING!
 Adalyn is a wonderful baby. She does like to be held a lot but I don't mind. She is a great eater and is gaining weight right on schedule. Now if I can only get her to sleep in her bed, she will only sleep in her swing. But at this point I am just glad she is sleeping and I am getting sleep.
I can't get over how sweet this little girl is!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Birth Story- Adalyn Jane

39 weeks, day of delivery December 31st 2012

After enduring 2 weeks of contractions we made it to the c-section delivery day. Feeling very anxious, I couldn't sleep the night before but woke up at 5am to be a my 8am scheduled c-section. Since I delivered at the same hospital Christian works at he was a little picky about who would be on the surgery team for my delivery. From anesthesia all the way down to the scrub tech. I knew I was in good hands with the assurance of Christian.

After three tries to get an IV put in my arm she finally got the sucker in! OUCH! One of our friends who is an OB resident, Steve Adams did a quick ultrasound to check the baby and do a final measurement. He guessed the baby was around 6lbz 9oz. Later we found out he was right on!

Next I walked my last pregnant walk down to the operating room where the anesthesiologist put in my spinal and prepped me for surgery. Since this was my 4th c-section I knew the drill but was still feeling nervous about everything. While we waited for the epidural to take effect they had to tilt me almost on my head to get the medication to spread and numb my lower body. Needless to say that was not comfortable!

Soon Dr. Dolan was quickly working to safely access my uterus. From 3 previous c-sections there was a ton of scar tissue and my bladder was scarred up to my uterus. My insides were not in the greatest shape. Doctor Dolan also said that my uterus was so thin she could see the baby's umbilical cord and baby from the outside...NOT GOOD! Soon enough our sweet baby girl was born at 
 8:51am weighing 6lbz 9oz 19 3/4 inches long.  

She was a little slow to cry and was not breathing very well. It didn't help that I was watching the Doctor working on her and could see the worry in the nurses eyes!!! Her heart rate was low as well, but she soon came around with some help from the Doctors. They cleaned and wrapped up my sweet angel girl so I could see her and kiss her! What an amazing moment when I can finally smell her and kiss her and meet that special spirit that has been living inside me for the past 9 months! The joy I felt not only because I wasn't pregnant anymore but that she was safe and perfect! A prefect little girl to bless our family forever.

Knowing that my insides were in pretty bad shape and it wouldn't be safe to have another baby I had my tubes tied. Having to make that kind of permanent decision was not easy but after my doctor saw my insides she advised me that my decision to have a tubal was very wise. Knowing that made me feel better about my decision as well.

Next baby and I are wheeled back to our room for recovery...but this was the worst recovery of my life! I didn't want any morphine because it makes me so sick and I didn't want to be throwing after I had my stomach cut open. But needless to say after throwing up anyway from the first pain med and the second pain med not working I opted for the morphine BUT still no relief. After suffering for about 12 hours the Doctors finally found a combination of meds that helped me relax and not be in as much pain. The saddest part of this whole painful mess was not being able to hold my baby because I was in so much pain.

Now feeling better I was happy to welcome the kids and they loved their new baby sister. After holding her and squishing her and petting her, they had to go home. Landon looked a little worried...I asked him what was wrong. He said that he didn't want to leave me and baby Adalyn at the hospital. He had to make sure we would come home soon. I assured him that we would come home in a couple of days.

Ready to go home but not liking her car seat...

After 3 days of "trying" to rest we packed up and headed home just as the kids were getting out of school. They were thrilled when they saw Adalyn and I home for good. Although Claire asks me every day if we can keep baby Adalyn.

When we finally decided what to name our new baby girl we had a hard time deciding how to spell it. After much deliberation and polling our friends and all the nurses we finally came up with Adalyn. Her middle name Jane is after Cherie's Mother, Patricia Jane. Also, my sister Sara's middle name is Jane. So Adalyn Jane is a beautiful addition to our family.