Sunday, January 25, 2009

Called to Serve...

Called to Serve, Counsel, Pray, Guide, Teach, Mend, Organize, Cry, Inspire, Lead...the list goes on. Today my Dad was called to serve as Bishop of our home ward. In a funny and weird way I always knew he would be a Bishop. I look up to my Dad for many reasons and today I know why. Even though we are far away we sustain you Dad and know you will do many great things for the Modesto 1st ward. And just to think that in 4 months you will be my Bishop and your Grand kids' too. We all love you and will pray for you...You are going to need it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Landon's gettin' his groove on!

This video was recorded before Christmas but I couldn't ever get it to work. So, for your viewing pleasure here is our little man getting his groove on.
FYI it is a little long.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 Quiz

Tolboe Family Quiz of 2008

1. Tue or False: you can still be a man and drive a van?

True. We bought a Toyota Sienna in January and we love it!!!

2. Where did we spend our 5th Anniversary?

a. At a Casino in Tama, Iowa

b. Hawaii

c. In Pella at the Tulip Festival

Actually in Tama, Iowa at an Indian reserve at a Casino/Hotel. We went to the Spa and had a day of pampering, then spent the night without the kids!!!

3. While in Utah for spring break Landon?

a. skinny dipped with the girls next door

b. Rode a horse

c. Learned to walk

We had so much fun in Utah visiting family.

Landon rode a horse (with Mom) and also starting walking while we were out there.

4. How many times did Christian have to take Boards before passing?

a. 5

b. 1

c. he still hasn’t passed

Just once! Christian studied hard and passed boards on July 9th. We were all glad when that was over!!!

5. For Brooklyn’s first dance recital she was a?

a. Very pretty Rose

b. Adorable dancing elephant

c. Radio City Rocket

d. Or a “Dream Girl”

She was an adorable dancing elephant and a born natural on stage. Mom was the “Dream Girl” with her black gloves and everything. Since I am teaching at the studio I was in the Finale. It was great to start dancing again.

6. What was Brooklyn’s favorite part of Disneyland?

a. Meeting the Princesses

b. Fantasmic

c. Rocky Mountain Railroad

d. Soaring over California

All of the above! We had a magical time at Disneyland with Grandma & Grandpa Tolboe and Aunt Jenna!

7. What did Jenni get for her 25th birthday?

a. A shopping spree at Gap

b. A Cannon digital Rebel XTi (so cool)

c. A 2 carat Ruby ring

d. Gall Stones and Pancreatitis

Thanks to a wonderful husband I got a great camera, now I just need to learn how to use it! I actually was in the hospital with Gall Stones and Pancreatitis but that was 2 days after my Birthday…Not fun!

8. How many times will Christian move in the next school year?

a. 10

b. 5

c. 0

Christian will move 5 times for his clerkships starting in June of 2009. First to California, then to Pennsylvania. After that, two moves in Detroit and then back to California.

9. In Preschool Brooklyn learned

a. about the May Flower

b. what a papoose is

c. socializing has a time and a place

d. “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”

All of the above. Brooklyn is having so much fun at school and is really growing up. She is quite the social butterfly and comes home saying the darndest things.

10. For Halloween our family was?

a. The Incredibles

b. Pirates

c. Ghost Busters

This year we were all plundering pirates and had a great time. We have made a tradition out of all dressing up together and it has been a blast!

11. True or False: Someone is missing a foot because of Christian?

True. Christian had a patient come in that had an infection so bad that they had to amputate their foot. While in surgery the Doctor handed him the saw and Christian did his work.

12. True or False: We love the Sub Zero temperatures and -30 wind chills in Iowa???

This question is obvious, but every winter we spend here we forget how “stinkin” cold it gets here! And just think, we will be in Michigan next year…we must be crazy!!!

13. One of Landon’s favorite things to do is?

a. Ride shot gun in his sister’s viper

b. Throw a ball

c. Dance to Fergie (any song with bass for that matter)

d. Be with his Mommy

All of the above. Landon loves to ride in Brooklyn’s viper and sometimes tries to drive all by himself. He is all boy and wants to throw everything whether it is a ball or not. He also loves to dance; it must be in his blood! And my favorite, he is such a Momma’s boy!

This past year has blessed us with many memories that we will cherish forever. Our time in Iowa is ending but we look forward to the experiences that lie ahead. We send our love to all of you.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Clink on the book to find out more about Pinkalicious

Brooklyn's Grandma gave her this cute book for Christmas and she asks to read it every night.
Today, Church was canceled due to bad weather and so we made pink cupcakes with our Pinkalicious girl.