Monday, October 22, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Went to the Doctor for my routine 28 week check up and the Doctor was a little concerned that the baby was measuring small. So she sent me to get another ultrasound. 

Glad to say that everything looks great. Baby girl is measuring right on schedule and everything is wonderful. I just need to give her some extra room to stretch out I guess...

This is a straight view of the little girl
Here is her profile

 As I near the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy I am happy to feel her move but not so much her sharp jabs to my ribs and bladder. Knowing this is my last pregnancy I am trying to enjoy and remember the wonderful and amazing things about being pregnant.What a wonderful gift that God has given us women. I feel blessed to have 3 healthy kids and another great pregnancy so far. As of now we are on schedule for a c-section on December 31st....we will see what happens.


The Matthews Family said...

Yay for a healthy baby! I can't believe how close you are getting!!! It will be so fun when that first "ward baby" comes and kicks off the many babies coming! Ha ha, plus that means it's getting closer for my baby to be here! ; )

Megan and Shawn said...

I'm so glad everything is okay! You are tiny, and so I guess you can measure small....I'm exploding as we speak! Seriously this guy might be the 9 lb. baby...I feel so much bigger. Love you!