Sunday, September 23, 2012

Claire turns 3

My sweet Claire turned 3 years old. 
Breakfast in bed on your Birthday, ( a family tradition) She requested "Pink Pancakes"

I think she was a little surprised!

 She also wanted a princess cake so here is her pretty pink princess barbie cake. What more could a girl want?

Claire is maturing faster and faster each day. When the kids went to school she really started coming out of her shell. Spending the days with just Mom is exactly what we both needed. She said to me the other day :
 "Mom, us girls are just hanging out right?" 
"Yes, I said. That is right Babe, just you and me!"

Her favorite Color is of course PINK
She loves dancing class and says that she can't wait to dance on the stage
Claire loves to color, and paint but most of all DRESS UP
Claire eats like a bird but when I can get her to eat she will eat, any fruit, veggies and of all things hot dogs!
Claire is itching to learn and if I let her she would go right to kindergarten with Landon and not look back. 

I am glad to be able to spend everyday with this sweet little girl.
Happy Birthday Claire

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