Sunday, October 31, 2010

School Halloween Parties

First, Landon has his preschool party

Claire had fun dancing

Landon passed out his treats

And then had to show Mrs. Simasko how to shoot webs

Beanie bag dance

On to the next party...
Claire and Landon waiting for the the Elementary School Costume Parade

Brooklyn as Wonder Woman


Brooklyn's friends

Then we are on to the Ward Trunk-or-Treat...

Halloween 2010

The Super Hero Family
Jean Grey
Wonder Woman
Cat Woman

The Forbidden Lovers

Spiderman shooting his webs at the ward Trunk-or-Treat

And that is the end of our Halloween activities.


Christian started on the carving while Mom was roasting the delicious pumpkin seeds.

Landon's scary face

I don't know what face this is?

Christian's pumpkin

Jennilyn's Pumpkin

All our pumpkins on the front porch. Including the spiderman and witch.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

How to pick the right pumpkin:
(by Claire)
1. Tell your brother to clear the way with the tractor.
2. Scope out the merchandise. Color, shape texture.
3. Once you spot one try to pick it up to see if it is too heavy...4. WOW almost lost it!!!5. MAN, this is a heavy one. Mom, can I get a little help here my veins are popping out of my neck.
6. Tell your DIVA sister to hurry up, and go get the cart.

7. While you are waiting, pose for some pictures.
8. And then ask the locals where the food is... man this makes me hungry.
9. Get the pumpkins loaded up and tell the kids it's time to go.
10. Better yet how about you push me?

A fun day at the pumpkin patch

Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Home Evening

It is so nice to be able to count on Family Home Evening to give us some time with Dad. A time to learn about things that make us better people and help us show our love for each other.
Christian has had some long hours since he started residency and this month has slowed down a lot! We can count on him being home at 5:30pm every day and I love it. I will enjoy it while it lasts, because I know it will change next month with a new rotation.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wooly Bear

This is our new pet:
Wooly Bear

(that is the kind of caterpillar he is.)

This is Wooly's house
Landon and I found this little guy when we went to his field trip at Blakes Apple Orchard. So, we brought him home.

After some research on the Internet we found out what he eats and how to take care of him.
This is the only pet we will have for a while.
Fine with me

Monday, October 11, 2010

Randomness from Landon

The kids love to take a bath in my jetted tub, so when Landon was begging me to take a bath I said yes so that I could get dinner ready.
Later Christian came home and I told him to go say Hi to Landon...

This is what he saw!

No, there is nothing wrong with the water in Michigan.
The kids have these water changing tablets that they like to use in the tub, But you are only supposed to use 1 at a time. Not the whole bottle. So I guess Landon learned what color you get when you mix all the colors together.

More of Landon:
Landon likes to break dance at home. He watched this boy on Ellen one day and now he is all about practicing his dance moves.

Click on the link to see this boy he is so cute!
6 year old dancer

Here is Landon's stall:

And The Robot:
Thanks for all the ways you make me smile little guy!!!
Mom loves you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's new with Claire?

To my sweet baby,
If you only knew how happy you make me? Every morning you wake up happy and you make everyone around you happy. You love to cuddle and you call everything a baby. Any stuffed animal you find you will carry around with you and hug and kiss it. Every time you see another baby you literally attack them with hugs and kisses, until they cry.

Claire, you are one busy bee, and you don't stop until it is time to sleep. Now that you can walk you are always getting into everything you can, exploring everywhere. I can see your little mind always learning and growing every day. You stare at your reflection in the car and say "baby" all the way home.

You can say Baby, Momma, Dada, and Ba. Oh and your word for bottle is blalblalblal (go ahead and say that!)
You are definitely not a shy girl. You will go up to anyone and make googly eyes to anyone that you see. Just so they will pick you up and smile back at you.

Also who can resist these chubby legs? I just want to eat them up.

Please stay my happy girl forever.
I love you baby girl.