Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

What a wonderful Christmas!!!
Christian was on-call but he was with us the whole day... except for the 2am call- in and the 6:45 hospital rounds he did before anyone was up. We had Dad all day and we were so lucky.

The kids got up at a lovely 8am and we were very glad.
They saw their stockings and what Santa had left IN the house but didn't see the BIG gift until they read the letter from Santa.

With a little help and some clues Brooklyn spotted the Trampoline right away! She was so excited saying "I asked Santa for a mini trampoline and he actually brought a big one!"
"He fit it in his sleigh!"

Landon was a little hesitant, but soon enough we were all jumping in the bitter cold, and loving it.

After soaking in all the great gifts we were blessed to have we headed over to our friends house for some yummy Christmas breakfast.
It gets even better...
Earlier that week we got news from the missionaries in our ward that they were being white washed out (moved to another area quickly) and Sister Burnham and Sister Corbridge were coming to our ward!!! I couldn't believe it, my own beautiful Sister was going to be serving part of her mission in my ward!

So, as you could guess we ended up having family for Christmas after all. Brianne came over with her companion to make their Christmas calls home and to spend time with her favorite sister.

Sorry no pics of Brianne, I know, I know I will get some soon though.
That about wraps up our Christmas Day, a great day spent with family and making memories.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Because I am such a slacker you will be getting your card late this year so here is a preview of the cutest family out here in Michigan.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We were invited to a wonderful family's house for Christmas Eve dinner and festivities.
(Christian was on-call as you can see, but we were lucky enough to get him the whole night .When I say the whole night he did get called in at 2am but made in back in time before the kids woke up)

Can you see the love?

What's better than Jet's Pizza and good friends?

The kids reenacting Christ's birth
If you click on the collage to enlarge it you can see that Landon was a shepherd, Brooklyn was a wise man and Claire was the cute girl kissing baby Jesus.

After a fun night at the Corless's we went home to open our Pj's and get ready for Santa...
He had a big job ahead of him.

Christmas Eve Give XOXO

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fire Station

A fun trip to the fire station was a hit with the kids, especially Claire!

The firemen dressed up for the kids and scared them all.

Claire has a thing for firemen I think! She wanted them to hold her and she wouldn't keep quiet until she was up in their truck.

As you can see she was smiling and clapping the whole time she was up in the truck and didn't want to get out.

Landon was just a stud and kept it cool

Friday, December 17, 2010


Claire at 14 months
29 1/2 inches
22 lbs

At Claire's recent doctor appointment the doctor asked me to describe her; I said "Active!!!"

An active lifestyle: a lifestyle characterized by frequent or various social, intellectual, and (particularly) physical activities
This totally describes my little girl. Not to mention cute too.

She is always on the go. Jabbering away to tell Landon what to do or tell me what Landon just did to her.

Claire's vocabulary has grown tremendously in the past few weeks.
She can say: Santa, Uh-oh, Ball, ME, Dog, Mom and Dad of course. And she is really good at yelling for Landon and Brooklyn...just like Mom (oops)
Claire has only one speed, GO!
She is either on or off. She is a great sleeper and is so good at taking naps. I love it! She loves to be independent and walk wherever she wants. The lady's in the library just love to watch her walk around like she owns the place.
Her favorite place is outside and now that it has gotten really cold outside she is felling like a caged animal. We have about 6 inches of snow in the ground and she LOVES it. I will post pictures of that later.

Claire has 8 teeth and they all came in the last 3 months...not fun.

I have to document my little girls hair. Claire has so much hair and it has some curl!!! Christian laughs at me every time I put a little gel in it and try to make it curly, but I can't resist. I have always wanted my girls to have some sort of wave or body to their hair, and I think Claire got it. Not much but enough to make me happy.

Being a Mom right now is extremely hard, but the most amazing job in the world. I am blessed to stay home and be with these cute kids that give me their unconditional love. I hope I can soak it all in and keep it forever. Watching Claire learn and grow is so fun. She is such a lover and I always love to steal kisses from those soft chubby cheeks. She gives great kisses on the lips too, but don't tell the boys.
Love you my little Claire-a-Boo


Breakfast with Santa

Landon's preschool had a breakfast with Santa and so I decided to take Brooklyn out of school for the morning so she could tag along in the fun. Claire would have nothing to do with the old guy so I had to be in the picture.

The food was gross but the company was great!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A trip to Monroe

Check out my Sister's Mission Blog about the trip to took to go see her!!!

Sister Brianne Burnham

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mom and Daughter Date

Last year it was Beauty and the Beast. This year we went to the Nutcracker! Brooklyn chose the restaurant, so Olive Garden it was. When she unrolled her napkin and found 2 forks she looked at me puzzled and asked why? I said "at "fancy" restaurants they give you 2 forks, one for your salad and one for your meal. And even sometimes at nicer places they give you 3 forks."
She replied with, "And at really, really fancy restaurants they give you 10 forks!"
NICE Brookie

OH and then when we were getting ready to go she told me thank you for taking her out to eat and she said that she couldn't believe that we went to a fancy restaurant with 2 forks, 1 knife and NO spoons!
I love you Brookie

We had perfect seats, first row in the Balcony. I am sure Brooklyn wanted to be closer, but for a Ballet you want to be able to see more than their feet.

The Sugar Plum Fairy

(did a great job I might add)
Cecchetti training of course!

Nutcracker Prince


Watching the Ballet brought back many great memories. I wish I could be young again . . .